Harriet Tubman Love, Leadership and Legacy


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Harriet Tubman Love, Leadership and Legacy

Listen and Learn from Harriet Tubman

This is Black History Month and although I don't limit my Harriet Tubman program to this month, I have to make a contribution to the world about Harriet Tubman as she is truly a historical figure that should be recognized by all Americans. 

30 Lessons in Love, Leadership, and Legacy from Harriet Tubman, is filled with important lessons that help build great humanitarian leaders.  I invite you to spend some time reviewing the lessons I have highlighted on this webpage that provide you just a sample of how learning about Harriet Tubman can be a start to empower people to be an active change-maker in their home, community, and country.  

This week,  Lets review Lesson 12: Listen and Learn.


Karol Brown 


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